• 10 October, 2022
  • Manish

Cargo Handling

Aviaserve is equipped to handle virtually any type of airfreight ranging from highly perishable cargo, for which we have dedicated storage facilities, to bulk or ULD loads on scheduled flights, all the way to super-sized cargo on specialized freighter aircraft.

At Malta International Airport we operate a 1,500 square metre customs-bonded airfreight warehouse that benefits from both airside and landside access.

This modern facility is fully securitised and comes complete with the required cargo handling infrastructure, including temperature-controlled storage, segregated racking, 

pallet build/break/transfer stations and even the latest in pallet-wide, dual view cargo screening technology.

Cargo customers handled in Malta include: Emirates Skycargo, TNT, Turkish Airlines,  Thomas Cook, Ruslan, Antonov Design Bureau (ADB), Volga Dnepr, Meridian, Avient, TransMed and Thomsonfly.

30+ years of
direct industry experience in Malta

We serve an ever-increasing number of reputable international airlines.

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