• 10 October, 2022
  • Manish

Ramp Handling

Aviaserve offers the full suite of ramp handling services including off/loading, aircraft cleaning, crew and passenger transportation, starting and ground power, catering and potable water uplift and much more.

We are proud to have legacy carriers and other airlines that depend on our full complement of ramp handling services. These include Lufthansa, Swiss, Emirates, Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz and Jet2 amongst others.

Load control

Load control agents are responsible for ensuring load control accuracy, practicality and procedural compliance so that output is of a high standard with regard to safety and quality, as well as ensuring all aircrafts are operated within their operational limits with regard to weight and balance. Load control is a department that is responsible for the preparation of aircraft load and distribution, flight and load monitoring during check-in as well as liaising with our cargo warehouse and head loader for mall and cargo loads. Agents must ensure the maintenance of operational efficiency and contribute to our on time performance for all load control related issues which makes their role vital to our operation.
Baggage sorting

This is a critical function of the ramp handling cycle as it involves loading the correct baggage of the passengers onto the right aircraft. This takes a lot of reconciling with different departments such as our check in department to ensure that all passengers who have checked into the flight, have their respective luggages loaded onto the aircraft, as well as turnaround coordinators and the remaining of the ramp team in order to ensure that the right luggages are delivered to the passengers.
Turnaround coordinators

These team members are responsible for the supervision and management of ramp operations and have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that all aircrafts are handled up to Aviaserve's Standards within the stipulated ground time. To achieve this aim our turnaround coordinators must implement pre-flight preparation procedures for the positioning of Ground Support Equipment (GSE), cargo and ramp personnel. During aircraft turnarounds it is vital to liaise with all crew members, fuellers and authorities, ensure and inspect that cleaning of cabin and toilets is up to standards, monitor loading and offloading of baggage and cargo as well as liaising with the head loader to ensure proper stowage. This means our Turnaround Coordinators are at the centre of all airside operations.
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